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canvas has no boundaries

I was always attracted towards the two fundamental aspects of people as a whole... motion and emotion. One unattainable without the another. This proclivity of mine lead towards dance and storytelling as passion, the latter becoming a career choice. An "achiever" in my circuit and an "underdog" in my family, showed me that perception plays a major role among friends, family, and community on a bigger scale.  I believe that weighing accomplishments gradually tends to weigh you down, and humble or not... this is my attitude. Only then one can strive towards perfection.

Witnessing people create something extraordinary out of the ordinary, incredible feats stretching out of the mundane web of daily lives attracts me and has influenced me in a way indescribable. Only when you focus on "what is", that "what was" and "what can be" becomes clearer. That's why I came to study "Documentary films" in the United States of America- the playground for global cultures, cuisines and thoughts.  As fascinating as America is, the challenges of an international student are rarely spoken of- in my case it was as if Mr. Camus and absurdity itself came up to me and said: "Hello there!!!". Multitasking is a natural quality of mine, I realized juggling is not. It's like jumping into the water and learning to stay afloat on the go, it prepares you and gives you an eclectic world- view.

Coming to terms with things and taking small steps towards becoming a successful Documentary Filmmaker, keeping up with the ever- changing world of marcomm, a dancer; and shuttling back and forth from India to U.S.A I have managed to accomplish quite a lot...

 … & I am more in touch with myself. Moral of the story is, don’t wait for validation from others, wherever your creative ideas can manifest, make it your canvas! The options are limitless and I am exploring…

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