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I am passionate about creating compelling content by combining my experience in audio/ visual story-telling & marcomm. From analogue to digital, I am exploring the communication landscape.

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I craft strategies and content to tell your


Stories have an ability to evoke curiosity within us, to know it all. It makes us nostalgic, bringing back memories of times we went into hiding to read our favourite books or to that night at the campfire when a group of friends narrated tales all nights. Fables, fiction or non-fiction stories uplift us in various ways and give us  an insight into the unknown!

I am sure you are aware that the great big brands have realised the power of storytelling, and thus, have shifted from traditional advertising to narratives. Every product, idea, service is a result of passion, grit, and commitment, a story worth telling, which is a key to generating and engaging your audience, the customers. It has a power to enrich experience and establish a human connection.

I leverage my experience across the communication landscape, and constantly staying on top of emerging trends is a priority which enables me to make a difference to my client's marketing and communication efforts.

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I love to collaborate with talented professionals across the globe! My most favourite is my Father, Sharad Bhalerao, a creative genius with whom I have had the good fortune of teaming up with on several projects, he has put in 35 plus years in the advertising industry, link to his website:

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